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Dietrich von Oppeln-Bronikowski

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Born 1945. Studied German Literature, Theology and Art on different German universities with degrees in Literature and Fine Art. After he was teacher for German and Art on different High Schools he went exploring the world visiting many countries. Since 1995 he is writing books and does seminars about »lost cultures«. After a series of books about »Lemuria« this is his first novel. Dietrich is married, father of two children and lives in Germany near Cologne.

»Since my childhood I am writing ... poems, essays, stories. Most time I added illustrations and self composed music. Early I created little movies with a hand winded camera.
This novel was created from a film script which I had written 1994. At that time I was deeply moved by the fate of the Brazlian Amazone Forest and Tibet - and still am. I had the feeling that they both experineced a similar tragedy. Since I could not find a producer for the movie I decided to make the story into a novel and started writing in 2005.
In August 2011 it was completed and a longer phase of corrections and reviewing followed. In March 2012 it finally found its way into the public.
1994 I had the first music-ideas for the story. Right now I am working again on some titles and hope to complete the CD in August 2012.