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The Monk of Amazonia

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Sergio Parinha - half Indian, half Brazilian - a zealous Union leader
and UN environmentalist tries to help his people, the Cajapo Indians in
the Amazon to protect their inherited territories, their holy sites and
ritual places.

By mysterious detours he ends up in Tibet where he learns the peaceful
ways in dealing with violence and repression.

He returns to Brazil to put the teachings into action and to fulfill his mission.
But providence gives it a different turn … and his mission is accomplished
in unforeseen ways - even more breathtaking and more touching than it
could have been otherwise.

A novel with great characters, surprising turns, hearty love stories and
mysterious enconters. It is about two countries with a similar fate:
Tibet and the Amazon.

Not yet published in English. Publisher and translators welcome.
Please contact info@movam.de

German Edition:
412 pages • Paperback • ISBN 978-3-943648-00-3 • € 12,80
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